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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Creating Connections at Lakeland Family Dental

Lakeland Family Dental was renovated with a new entrance, signage and clean, modern concrete details that add scale and personality.

A simple, modern reception area is business efficient, yet the warm materials and finishes are inviting to patients.

The open entryway guides patients in and out of the clinic while connecting the exterior and the interior with a defining concrete wall and signage.

State-of-the-art dental equipment is a necessity for progressive clinics like Lakeland Family Dental.

Smart additions like the pictured alcove and details like color and texture help integrate the technology and keep the equipment from looking or feeling too imposing.

Details like the board-formed concrete and the glass inset in the doors add personality and enhance the clinic environment. Unique details like this have a calming effect. Learn more about incorporating design that makes commercial spaces feel more inviting.

A unique challenge with this project was that the parking lot was oriented in a strange position to the building. Read about our unique solution that helps visitors connect to the entryway and feel welcome at Lakeland Family Dental.

Architects: The Foundation Architects 
Interior Design: Bob Shaffer
General Contractor: Heritage Construction Companies LLC 
Dental Equipment: Henry Schein Dental

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