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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Incorporating Coziness into Commercial

Modern, sleek design is commonly used in commercial remodels and new builds. Bringing design elements traditionally utilized in homes into a commercial setting can have a positive, warming effect on a more typically clinical environment.

The Foundation Architects often incorporates these types of elements into dental clinics. Warmer furnishings and elements in tones and textures found in nature are soothing to dental patients

In the extensive Siverson Dental Care remodel, The Foundation Architects used earth tones and textures alongside sleek, modern dental equipment to create a more welcoming environment and steer away from a cold, sterile or industrial feel.

Chanhassen Family Dental is another great example: The relaxing waiting room is a perfect balance of contrasts.

With the coziness of a rustic lodge mixed with the clean refinement of a state of the art clinic, this waiting room sets the tone for the patient visiting the clinic.

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