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Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Foundation Architects Designs New Brewery

The Foundation Architects recently completed a project for Badger Hill Brewing Company.

One of the new endeavors that we’re seeing more of are microbreweries. They have unique needs from the perspective of space use. Often there are two distinct areas. One for brewing beer and another for serving beer. Each must address things such as seating, equipment and movement.

Another part of the design process is consideration of mechanical and utility elements. For a brewpub that incorporates tour groups another layer of safety and presentation must be incorporated.

For Badger Hill the work also included coordination with the local authorities to gain proper permits. Of course the end result is what we’re most interested in—great beer!

Be sure to stop in and try their really good stout beer named Foundation. Coincidence?

The before photos by Brian Kaufenberg for The Growler Magazine.

The after photos by Aaron Davidson for The Growler Magazine.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Local NHL Couple Develop Event Center with The Foundation Architects

A project that has been in the works for a few years came to light in a Star Tribune article yesterday. The client is local couple Jamie and Jordan Leopold. Their vision is for a wedding-focused event center in a visually appealing spot. After a few site reviews and initial discussions with local municipalities a spot along the Mississippi River in Brooklyn Park has been selected.

Many projects draw community interest, but this project has garnered more than typical attention because of the purpose (event center), location (along the river) and ownership group. Leopold's are a NHL family, Jordan plays defenseman for the St. Louis Blues. Born in Golden Valley and a U of M alumni the local ties run deep. Jamie, in a presentation to the planning commission noted that the capacity of just over 300 makes it a great wedding reception spot. Access to the river flats for a unique ceremony will add to the attractiveness of the event center.

The one-story building at 9510 West River Road (where 610 crosses the Mississippi) includes an expansive deck with views of the river and a defining tower to provide wayfinding to guests.

Read the Star Tribune article.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Save the Date: September 16, 2014

Do You Remember 1994?
We do! September 16, 2014 is a milestone for us. So many great projects, great clients and great days for The Foundation Architects. We are excited to celebrate this milestone, and hope you'll join us. Stay tuned for details. Or call us at 612-340-5430 if you want a sneak peek at what we're organizing!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Better Home and Gadget

New home product development continues unabated. One spark of new products is at the intersection of energy saving and DIY. Another innovation leap-off point is leveraging smartphones. In short, there are a bevy of new products that are fun, smart and worthy of a few moments consideration.

Do It Yourself Air Conditioning
It is summertime in Minnesota. Some love to live with open windows and the natural breeze. Others enjoy keeping the temperature at very cold wintery levels. Either way, take a look at this air conditioner that can be made for $15. It uses a Coleman Cooler, check it out!

A Thermostat That Learns
This product from nest, a thermostat that learns, works based on your use and adapts to more efficient heating and cooling patterns. You use it like any thermostat when you are at home. You can also program it from your smartphone. So, if you are going to be away for an extra day you can adjust the temperature to conserve energy.

Grill or Planter?
This innovative product makes grilling time fun, and the time between beautiful. Available from Black+Blum, the hot pot, doubles as herb garden and grill. Grow basil in the grill's top and then use it on your grilled vegetables--it couldn't be any fresher.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Sit on It!

From the beginning of time, humans have sought after a more comfortable chair. Today there are more choices than ever. One recently caught our eye: the Perillo chair designed by Martin Bellendat and distributed by Dauphin of North America. It is very modern and formed from one continuous run of material. The seat, arm rest and back take form when you take a seat. The design causes your eyes to loop continuously as you try to fit it into a traditional form. Note to the reader: it's not going to happen.
Of course, it is also about where the chair is. Who wouldn't love a chair across from a close friend over lunch. Or a courtside seat (why they are still folding chairs is confounding!) at a playoff basketball game. During a Minnesota winter, we'd all probably take a seat on the beach or poolside instead of the most comfy spot in our home's den.

Looking to turn a space in your home or office into something more memorable? Contact us today!

Photo Credit: Miniature Chairs, The Shopping Sherpa. Perillo, Dauphin of North America.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Building a Better Stadium

There are a number of examples of new stadiums—all here in the Twin Cities! The Minnesota Twins home, Target Field. TCF Bank Stadium, home of the Minnesota Gophers. The "X" as Minnesota Wild fans describe Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul. Even Target Center, home of the Minnesota Timberwolves, has had a grass rooftop added and new plans for enhancements. Of course, the new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings is top of mind as we witness it growing from the foundation up in dramatic fashion.

Each stadium has brought a unique value to their fans and communities. However, many continue to see these expanses as underused, expensive and extravagant when there are so many community needs. Recently, a designer of events on a grand scale dove into stadium designs at the conceptual level. The outcomes of the work provide some interesting and thought-provoking ideas.

For instance, consider sliding down seating areas into a temporary pool in the playing area. You'll find the visuals and ideas a fun escape (especially if you are near the construction of a stadium).

Image credit: The Rockwell Group

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Is Angie's List Helpful?

Many homeowners rely on Angie's List to get honest feedback about professionals. However, some providers are critical of the business and question its usefulness. According to the magazine Remodeling, many of its critics suggest the service charges them a significant fee to advertise without generating many leads. Another issue for some is that just one or two negative reviews can make it hard to generate new leads—and that money spent on advertising can influence how easily those bad reviews go away. Read more about what remodelers are saying and let us know what you think. We'd love to hear from you!