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Monday, January 6, 2014

Are You Having a Green Winter?

The Foundation Architects is LEED accredited, which means we are serious about sustainability. Our model of green design and architecture drives all of our solutions. We care about the environment, and so do our clients.

The recent polar vortex has upgraded the topic of weather from just small talk, and many are concerned about keeping warm efficiently. Here are some great tips for remaining green during this frigid season:

Upgrade your thermostat.
There’s no need to overheat an empty home. Programmable thermostats make it possible to reduce the amount of energy used to heat your home when you’re not there and keep it comfortable when you are around, like on the weekend.

Seal your windows.
Reflective window film reduces loss of heat conducted outside your windows and reflects it back indoors. Storm window kits—the plastic sheeting you affix to window frames—are a quick and easy solution for weatherproofing. A simple caulking product can work as a quick and non-permanent seal for spaces and gaps around windows and other spaces that create wasteful drafts.

Reflect your radiators’ heat.
Instead of heating your walls, install heat reflectors—thin sheets that fit behind radiators that push heat into the room instead.

Weatherstrip and block. 
Foam, plastic or rubber strips provide a tight seal around doors or windows and help keep heat in and cold out. Draft blockers—foam plates that fit behind outlets and light switches—serve a similar function and are easy to install with a simple screwdriver.

What are some other creative, or downright simple, solutions you’ve arrived at for keeping warm while staying green?

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