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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Inspiring Interaction with Design

The building that now serves as the space for digital marketing agency IdeaPark is in a large colonial warehouse built in 1890. The space had been used by an insurance company and other retail. It was a great space, but it wasn’t being utilized to its full capacity.

Light boxes and dark finishes juxtaposed to create a welcoming entry.

The Foundation Architects approached the remodel based on the flow of ideas, which is nonlinear. The building was gutted; walls were removed. The space was reconfigured with the introduction of curved walls and other on-brand shapes that mimicked nature—like smooth, flowing hills and clouds.

Every detail reinforces the IdeaPark brand. Most office areas have natural light and feature a view of the outdoors. Smart planning created more retail space, which increases the business’s profit potential.

Brainstorming with efficiency.

Break rooms also can be additional collaboration areas when designed creatively.

Even the corridors are fun in this space.

The space was redesigned for its current culture and function. The result is lively, fun atmosphere where creativity flows freely—a space branded for what they do—who they are.

Architects: The Foundation Architects 
Interior Design: Bob Shaffer

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