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Monday, February 3, 2014

High-Design Privacy

We recently discussed how intuitive architecture is designed to divide buildings and spaces into zones that provide cues and invite comfort.

Another important aspect of design is privacy. Let’s examine a few projects completed by The Foundation that strike a great balance between privacy and engagement:

The Foundation Architects remodeled the CBS Radio in Minneapolis. We integrated windows with glass of varying degrees of transparency and opaqueness to open up some areas and create privacy without isolation in others. 

The newsroom of the studio (pictured above), once completely hidden, is now visible from the lobby to showcase the hub of this busy radio station. Colored glass panels combined with reeded glass obscure the view from the hallway to create privacy in the new green room (pictured below) for visiting celebrities.

Take a look at our project for Siverson Dental:

Each treatment area feels private but also feels connected to the whole clinic, so patients don’t feel isolated.

This hygiene area of Lakeland Family Dental (above) also provides privacy without feeling too enclosed.

The independent screened appointment desks at Smile Designers are a stylish approach to providing added comfort and privacy for patients.

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