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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Interior-Design Trends: Color of the Year

Pantone Color Institute™ announced Radiant Orchid as the 2014 Color of the Year in December 2013. It’s a great fit with some of the biggest interior design trends of 2014, namely that we’re seeing a decline in muted neutrals and an increase in rich, saturated tones.

The idea of a “neutral tone” has been elevated. For example, many may think of the color beige as a neutral but may ignore that a color like navy blue can really shine as a neutral foundation to build a space around.

Sherwin Williams regularly assembles its trend forecast. Note the rich plums and peacock blue in the Curiosity collection and the vividly bright hues of the Intrinsic collection. What colors are calling to you?

The Foundation Architects prides itself on finding unique solutions for each individual client. This sometimes translates into enthusiastically embracing trend reports for some projects while choosing something other than the newest and latest for others.

If you’re interested in a thoughtful consultation about a project that's creative and efficient and also realizes your personal vision, let’s keep the conversation going: call Bob at 612.340.5430 or email at bob@foundationarch.com.

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