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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Welcoming Design at Siverson Dental Care

Siverson Dental Care was remodeled to create a warm firm impression that makes guests feel calm and welcome immediately upon entering the clinic.

Curved walls soothe patients and offer cues that lead them to the
seating area.

Additional design elements were incorporated to help patients feel connected to and comfortable in this dental environment.

The convenience center was designed to allow patients entering the treatment area to pick up a brochure on a procedure.

Also, upon leaving, the patient has an opportunity to check their appearance, and children can pick out their sticker or toy.

The sterilization area is clean, modern and simple—reinforcing the functional purpose of the space.

The modern appearance of the treatment area is warmed by earth tones and textures. Tones and textures that mimic those in nature are calming.

Each treatment area is a modern, warm environment designed to encourage patient relaxation.

The treatment areas feel connected to the clinic as a whole, so patients don’t feel isolated. Windows are a great way to accomplish this. Even when patients are not directly looking through a window to the outdoors, they have a sense of their environment and its connection to where they are. An unfamiliar setting becomes more familiar and comfortable.

Patients leaving the clinic get a great last impression and a warm farewell from reception.

Contractor: Karkela Construction, Inc.
Dental Equipment: Patterson Dental
Architects: The Foundation Architects
Interior Design: Bob Shaffer

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