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Monday, November 18, 2013

Where Is the Wealth?

In the past ten years, Washington D.C. has become home to 21,000 households that are part of the nation’s top 1 percent. “No other metro area came close,” writes Greg Jaffe and Jim Tankersley of The Washington Post. The boom, a result of government turning to contractors to reduce federal workforce, is changing the landscape of D.C—from the influx of high-end retailers like Tiffany and Co. and Tesla to local diners charging hundreds for ad space on their disposable placemats.

Where is the wealth in your region? Check out the tool that shows how high-income households (annual incomes of $191,469 and up) are concentrated across the United States.

Some Quick Minnesota Numbers*:

Dakota County
Ranked 149 of 3,143 counties nationally
19% of Dakota County’s income comes from its top 5%

Hennepin County
Ranked 104
24% of its income comes from its top 5%

Ramsey County
Ranked 275
21% of its income comes from its top 5%

Washington County
Ranked 96
20% of its income comes from its top 5%

*courtesy of “Where the nation’s highest earners live,” Washington Post.

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