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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Reinforcing Brand with Every Detail

The Foundation takes a consultative approach to commercial client projects. The fundamental goal of designing a space is to ensure it’s both aesthetically and functionally ideal for its use. In addition, the design should reinforce brand.

As consumers, we size up a brand and even make purchasing decisions based on visual cues. A company’s brand should be reinforced throughout its space. The Foundation Architects has helped some fantastic clients integrate their brand within their space:

Moss Optical

The shop's logo is expanded to pop-art size to draw attention to the unique eyeglass frames, creating a unique retail environment.

Amber Leaf Dental

The renovation of Amber Leaf Dental incorporated many details like an engraved sign and tones and textures found in nature that personalize the clinic to help reinforce the brand.

i ware

Shapes, forms, voids and color form the retail space and displays of this edgy yet comfortable optical shop—right on point with this modern brand.

A brand can be reinforced with very obvious choices—like duplicating the colors in a brand’s logo throughout their space—or with more subtle cues, like textures that reflect the tone of a brand. The next time you’re in a commercial space, look around you: how do you feel about the design choices made and how they reflect the business’s brand and image?

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