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Monday, September 23, 2013

Nicollet Mall Renovation

A few months ago, the city of Minneapolis started collecting bids from architecture firms nationwide to give the pedestrian street, Nicollet Mall, a complete revamp. The project, schedule for 2016 completion, was just awarded to James Corner Field Operations.

Peter Brown, the project consultant, said the remodel will be “more active and vibrant year round.”
The renovation plans are extensive and designed to invite interaction:
  • New lighting
  • New paving
  • Furniture installation
The last reconstruction occurred in the late 1980s and its design was long considered flawed. The new desing will divide the 12-block street into three zones—Live, Work and Play—each with unique features as their names suggest. For example, the Play zone will use urban furniture such as outdoor amphitheaters to create a more social atmosphere. And in addition to increasing green space, the plan proposes bus stops equipped with coffee shops and newsstands.

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