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Monday, September 2, 2013

Hot List: Eco-Architect Ken Yeang Shares Philosophies

Recently posted on the Architect's Newspaper Blog is a two-part Q&A session with Ken Yeang, considered a founder of the sustainable architecture movement. Read this sampling of Yeang's insights on his industry:

Why has the adoption of these concepts by the building community been so slow?
I am not sure why our concepts and ideas on green design have been slow to gain traction by the building industry and by our community of professionals. It may be because public adoption of new ideas first requires champions by important figures like politicians and leaders in the profession and industry.

Do you feel that net-zero operational energy performance of a tall building is practically achievable on a widespread basis?
If this built form shall be with us for a while, my contention is that we should not negate them, but on the contrary seek to find ways to make them more humane to inhabit and find ways to make them as green as possible. The net-zero operational energy performance of a tall building can in principle be practically achievable, but it will be dependent upon the level of internal comfort conditions acceptable to dwellers.

Do your theories of eco-architecture and bioclimatic design translate easily to climatic zones outside of the tropics?
Certainly the theories of eco-architecture and bioclimatic design are generic and are applicable to all climatic zones—not just in the tropics. However we must be clear that ecoarchitecture and bioclimatic solutions are site specific. What is effective for one locality and for that latitude, climate conditions and local ecology cannot be applicable to other latitudes, other climatic conditions and other local ecological conditions.

Read the rest of the interview here and here. Yeang addresses his education, his design history, his thoughts on where the industry is going and more. It's definitely worth a read.

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