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Monday, August 12, 2013

New York City's First Prefabricated Residence Is Now Complete

It took four weeks for architect Peter Gluck and team to assemble "The Stack"—a seven-story Manhattan apartment building. The 56 modules were completed offsite and stacked up with cranes by a construction crew.

The pre-fab concept originated in the 1920s and saw a revival in the late 1960s as architects sought large-scale urban renewal. According to Gluck, we are ready for another shift towards the movement as demand grows for low-cost city housing.

Another positive from pre-fab construction is the ability to build in tight or odd places. New York City features many areas with active and built-out corners surrounding sub-par housing decaying in the middle of the blocks. Space and logistics don't make traditional construction techniques very easy, but a pre-fab project could be just what a crowded metropolis needs.

Photo courtesy Gluck+

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