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Monday, June 3, 2013

South Carolina Guest House Sits on Stilts

Stephen Yablon Architect, a design firm based out of New York, had to adhere to South Carolina's building safety regulations when they put a London couple's summer home addition on stilts. The structure had to comply with regulations to protect the home from hurricane and flood damage while still fitting the owners' requests.

The bulk of the project is held 12 feet up in the air by round columns. The pavilion is made of a steel cage surrounded by hurricane windows and shutters, and indoor and outdoor social space was added. Guest rooms, an office and a kitchenette also occupy the new space.

This design has won a variety of awards, proving that homes on stilts can be done in a variety of locales. It also accomplished its goal of meeting safety regulations in a coastal setting. Could you see yourself spending vacation time in a home like this?

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