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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Initiative Aims to Build 100 Green Homes in North Minneapolis

Concrete Housing Construction in Chile

Since sustainability and green design are part of our philosophy, we were excited to read about the "Green Homes North" initiative: a plan to build 100 energy efficient homes in North Minneapolis neighborhoods over the next five years.

The projects will be made to the State of Minnesota's Minnesota Green Communities Standards. Homes will include (among many other features):
  • LEED certification
  • 95 percent efficient power vented furnaces and power vented water heaters
  • Low flow plumbing fixtures and dual flush toilets
  • Environmentally friendly wood siding
The plan starts with 27 homes this year and hopes to reach 100 total over the next five years.

Learn more about the initiative, how the homes will be built and what makes them so efficient and sustainable. Interested in green building ideas for your next project? Contact us.

Photo by Concrete Forms/Flickr

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