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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Q. How Much “Green” Design Are Your Dental Clinic Clients Really Doing?

Dental Architecture Q & A with Architect Bob Shaffer

A. It has become the norm to include “green” as part of every remodel or new construction conversation. The level to which clients are going "green" varies and may depend on the return on investment time. For example, a clinic may determine that the technology should give them a return in 10 years, so they may be unlikely to choose geothermal, for example, which could take more like 20 years.

We design dental clinics to incorporate some level of “green” elements. The thing to remember with “green” is that every step matters—low VOC paints and recycled carpeting are important factors to consider. So while your clinic may not have the resources to be platinum or gold LEED certified, take whatever steps you can. What seems small adds up to a big difference.

Learn more about incorporating "green" design in your dental clinic by reading my white paper “Keeping Your Dental Practice Fresh by Becoming ‘Green.’” Also, feel free to contact us about your specific situation. We’d love to discuss ideas with you.

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