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Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Foundation Architects Designs New Brewery

The Foundation Architects recently completed a project for Badger Hill Brewing Company.

One of the new endeavors that we’re seeing more of are microbreweries. They have unique needs from the perspective of space use. Often there are two distinct areas. One for brewing beer and another for serving beer. Each must address things such as seating, equipment and movement.

Another part of the design process is consideration of mechanical and utility elements. For a brewpub that incorporates tour groups another layer of safety and presentation must be incorporated.

For Badger Hill the work also included coordination with the local authorities to gain proper permits. Of course the end result is what we’re most interested in—great beer!

Be sure to stop in and try their really good stout beer named Foundation. Coincidence?

The before photos by Brian Kaufenberg for The Growler Magazine.

The after photos by Aaron Davidson for The Growler Magazine.

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