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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Best New Products

Great architecture stands the test of time and passing trends—and that holds true with interior design elements as well. Interior Design magazine announced its favorite new products from 2013. 

Which products do you believe will turn into classics?

Here are some of our favorite new products: 

Jeremy Cole Flax Chandelier
Made from 350 handcrafted porcelain ceramic leaves arranged for even light distribution. Learn more.

J.B. Schmetterling Pendant Light
A halogen light source is suspended in the middle of a mouth-blown glass bulb form surrounded by eight intricately handmade insects. Learn more. 

Rakks Shelving, Pole Mounted Systems
A modern design perfect for both residential and commercial use. Learn more. 

View the entire list of products. Feel like they left something off the list? Be sure and connect with us on Facebook to let us know your thoughts.

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