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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Smog-Eating Building

Innovative design features are making buildings greener than ever, primarily by reducing a building’s energy usage. But this building in Mexico City takes it to the next level. A new tile, Prosolve 370e, as seen on the exterior of the Torre de Especialidades outside Mexico City’s Manuel Gea Gonzalez Hospital, converts the chemicals found in pollution into less toxic substances.

The tiles are coated with a special pigment that reacts with air pollutants when they're exposed to UV light. The chemicals then break down into compounds like carbon dioxide and water. The pigment will continue to purify the air until the coating wears off.

The unique eye-catching design is certainly a conversation piece, but beyond that, many have described it as a powerful symbol that something is being done to make Mexico City a better and safer place for its inhabitants.

Sustainability and green design is not just a trend to us. It’s an industry standard. The best design is an affordable solution you feel great about now and in the future.View our portfolio.

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