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Friday, February 12, 2010

Q: What First Step Should I Take When Thinking about Building or Remodeling Our Clinic?

Dental Architecture Q & A with Architect Bob Shaffer

A: Often, what you WANT to do to is increase of patients, add new equipment or secure financing. This gets you excited about the new remodeling or building project.

However, we recommend first answering "What CAN we do?" A feasibility study can uncover city requirements, building codes and project timing issues that will impact your project.

A feasibility study looks at your clinic specifically. Product manufacturers offer information about new equipment, but don't have the local requirement information you'll need. Depending on when your clinic was last remodeled, there may be additional compliance tasks you hadn’t considered. Often city comprehensive plans or district zoning regulations need to be reviewed.

For instance, one client's clinic is located in a historic district (not a historic building), which added complexities to the project. In order to accomplish their goals, The Foundation worked to get logical variances approved by the municipality. Understanding these needs early came from conducting a feasibility study. Proactively bringing them up to the municipality helped define the work up front, which made the project more efficient.

"The Foundation Architects negotiated our project smoothly through a myriad of city approvals and unforeseen pitfalls. We would not have been able to begin our project on schedule without The Foundation. In addition, we are confident that our renovated facility will be a quality, contemporary structure that blends nicely into an historic district," said Chris Johnson, DDS, Excelsior Town Dental Dentists

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