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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Foundation Highlighted in National Publication Remodel

The article focused on kitchen design
A kitchen remodel by The Foundation Architects was featured in the February/March issue of Remodel magazine. The article describes how the customized, well-designed kitchen has become the heart of the home for the family. This magazine is distributed nationally.

“In the end, the kitchen shines. Its elegant marble counters and sinks, recycled-glass backsplash, sleek appliances, and Tasmanian oak flooring create a space worthy of its position at the heart of the home,” stated the article.
The article also described the kitchen circle concept, created by The Foundation. Because people move in circular patterns rather than the 1950s kitchen-triangle, The Foundation developed storage, prep, cooking and cleaning circles in the kitchen. The zones overlap so work is as efficient as possible.

“This kitchen is an example of how function and style do not have to be mutually exclusive,” said Bob Shaffer, president of The Foundation. “This kitchen accounts for how the family works, while also embracing a warm atmosphere.”

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